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BC wrote:
Can anyone tell me what the word/term shosho (spelling?) means? I heard it in the context of the awarding of shodan ranks for new yudansha, and the tradition (at least in our dojo) of having each new yudansha take ukemi for all of the yudansha present in the dojo at the time (essentially jiyuwaza). Also, do other dojos practice this tradition?

Based on that context, the word used was probably "shousho." You could translate it as "certificate" in this situation. The letter "u" after the first "o" indicates that the first "o" is given a long vowel sound. To be 100% sure about the meaning, I'd have to hear it used in a sentance, though. Japanese is bulging with homonyms and words that have similar pronunciations, so you often have to see it written in it's original script or hear it used in context to be sure obout the meaning. Hope this helps.
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