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Re: Dan Harden in Hawaii, July 2014

A nice review of the Friday night session in Hilo:

"I've done internal arts before as well, such as Iron Shirt Qi Gong and Yang Taijiquan. The teaching that Mr. Dan Harden conveyed to us last night seemed to be bare-bones, no bull, straight to the point info on how to develop internal power. Mr. Harden's explosive power is the action to his words, and the words of many other great teachers that have come before him over the last 2600 years. I was "initiated" by him in that I was on the receiving end of his (thankfully) non-lethal strikes. I could feel the power of those explosive strikes being released into my chest and into my leg. Mr. Harden is a charismatic and knowledgable teacher. I think all martial artists would benefit from learning what Mr. Dan Harden knows. I now know why some people travel from far away places to learn from him."

And here are some photos from the Hawaii workshop.



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