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Bruce Baker
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That does not answer the problem.

I should not have to be invisible.

Right or wrong, we have the right to say what is on our minds so that we either learn from mistakes, or get input from others that we might learn.

I am sorry to say, this bulletin board board incident might be the work of someone I am having a problem with in terms of his political agenda verses my non partisan, non political agenda.

Hey, I am just an old guy trying to get some practice in.

I see three choices.

Let it go ... let the chips fall where they may in hopes of having sensei getting his say so this incident goes away.

Make a stink about it, which could either resolve it or make it worse.

Go to practice one day, and seriously thump the offender, with a few choice words about how weasels should clearly consider the repercussions of their actions, then leave the dojo never to return.

I have been through these three scenario's before, and they are my style.

I really would like to have some other choices.

Has anyone experienced this situation before?
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