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Bruce Baker
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Forum post on dojo bulletin board

Danger! Danger!

What you say in a forum post may be displayed upon your dojo bulletin board, sentences highlighted.

Well, there is no security of people taking what you say here on the forums in or out of context, and there are those who will take exception to have it posted on the dojo bulletin board.

My teacher took exception to a certain paragraph describing the sloppyness of teaching earlier this year, and my comments on how he spoke to the teaching staff to correct such inadequecys. Question is ... who gave it to him, and for what reasons? He doesn't have a computer.

Sorry, but as time goes by, we all feel a malaise from time to time and need either a shot in the arm or swift kick in the butt to bring us back into reality. Whethe there was a lack of tie in to keep foundation of basics to technique shouldn't be strictly relegated to the teaching staff. It is the responsibility of all practitioners to maintain the highest standards they are capable of.

So, should we guard what we say because it will be used a weapon, a threat to our place in the dojo because some people take exception to comments in the forums?

Does this example mean we can no longer use the Aikiweb forums as a means of learning, both for our educational knowledge and spiritual growth because of repercussions in our dojo?

Or am I going overboard because of mentioning an 'in house' problem that should not see the light of day?

Should we not mention problems in our dojo, even in general terms? Will this kind of attention to forum posts be the cause of internal friction in the dojo?

Should I root the deciever, or should I just let it go as politics of teachers asserting their authority?

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