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Peter Boylan
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Re: The Most Essential Principles of Budo: Ma'ai

Lynn Seiser wrote: View Post
Structure and distance ...
What's next, connection?

Sounds right to me.
Ack! Connection is such a subtle concept, I hadn't planned on addressing it in this series of posts. I'm planning to do timing next. Each of these gets more difficult. Structure is the most straightforward of the concepts. Spacing is more difficult but can still be seen relatively easily. Timing is going to give me nightmares, and I'm going to have to work at finding videos that show go no sen, sen no sen and sen sen no sen. I'm not sure I'll be able to finish for next week's post.

Connection is even more subtle a concept. I'm not sure how I would describe it and illustrate it. I know what I feel as connection, but I've got not idea how to concretely express that to someone else.

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