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Re: Introduction + The missing Atemi

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You really should keep practicing. The most practical aspect of aikido really is ukemi. With experience, you will develop the sensitivity required to sense changes in direction by an obstinate attacker, and adjust your application of technique appropriately. The far more likely scenario to being attacked, though (unless you are in some kind of high-risk occupation or social situation), is that you will, at some point, fall down. Falls become tremendously more dangerous as we age, but, with practice, we can improve how we fall.
Yup. I've personally experienced maybe 5-7 "real world" aikido situations. Two of those involved verbally backing off intoxicated people. (No physical response needed.) The rest were falls and potential falls. Almost all the real world situations that friends of mine have experienced were falls, too, both cases where aikidoka friends could have been injured and weren't, and cases where non-training friends might have been able to avoid injury and didn't.

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