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Re: Introduction + The missing Atemi

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
I am contending the general logic that implies aikido people cannot demonstrate aiki without risking injury to our partners. Rather, I advocate that it is possible to demonstrate aiki without injuring our partners, either within the context of the exercise or not.
Oh, I see, so your comment was simply a non sequitur and has nothing to do with my comment. Got it. Carry on!

By the way, whose "general logic" IS that? The "general logic" of the mouse in your pocket? Because I sure didn't say it.

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
I am not contesting your personal experiences, but I am challenging the leaps in argumentation and their implications.
Honestly, I really don't see where anyone is doing any leaping but you. But, if I follow where I think you're trying to go, then we might agree...and we might not. It depends on what you mean by "demonstrating aiki". Demonstrating to whom? To a n00b who just walked through the door? That n00b is the blind man touching the elephant, only if he's coming from another style, he may unfortunately be burdened with style-specific blinders. You can "demonstrate" all you want, but it's like the philosophical question about the tree falling in the forest: if style-specific blinders prevent this n00b from seeing your demonstration, how is that effective?
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