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Re: Introduction + The missing Atemi

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
You didn't say it. I said it. Reread above.

Katherine didn't say that. YOU said it. Just now.

I think she did just that.

Your post is timestamped 10:33 am today, but either you are posting from a very different timezone, you got very little sleep last night, or you seriously woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I don't think you understand at all what either of us said.
I am confused.

You posted the following claim:
... no, I don't have the ability to make the technique effective (the technique that we're supposed to be doing, not something else) and not hurt my partner.
I am contending the general logic that implies aikido people cannot demonstrate aiki without risking injury to our partners. Rather, I advocate that it is possible to demonstrate aiki without injuring our partners, either within the context of the exercise or not.

Katherine posted the following comment:
Given a choice between personally looking bad and injuring my partner, I'm willing to look bad every single time.
I am contending the general logic that implies that [unsuccessful] application of waza is somehow a reflection that is embarrassing. I advocate that most people understand that failure is simply part of a larger process.

I am not contesting your personal experiences, but I am challenging the leaps in argumentation and their implications. These are the questions that float through my head when I read the latest posts...

Through your post, is one to infer, that while you could not demonstrate aiki without injuring your partner... you could demonstrate aiki? Is injury just collateral? Are you making a contingent claim that if injuring your partner is OK, then you could demonstrate aiki?

Through Katherine's posts, is one to infer that training aiki results in either success that causes injury, or failure which causes embarrassment? Why would I be embarrassed if I have difficulty working with someone?

I don't think any of these inferences are true. My post was to challenge the limited options implied in these posts. Most of the world is not going to have experience as an aikido uke. If we are to impress others, it is going to start by expressing aiki as a demonstration for people who have never trained in aikido. Maybe the don't grab right, maybe they don't fall right. But, you gotta start somewhere and if our somewhere is either going to hurt our spectators or not work, we have a problem.

Aikido is a big tent. To my last comment, I think we need to keep our eyes on our own papers. Spend less time showing "aikido" and more time showing our personal aikido. Maybe it stacks up, maybe it doesn't.

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