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Re: Introduction + The missing Atemi

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I think the entire logic stream here is off. If my partner is poorly attacking, it should be easier to express aiki. Unless I cannot express aiki and I am trying to "jujutsu" my partner... Ultimately, I think this is where this conversation is going. That we are frustrated with those who can resist our jujutsu - this is a different conversation and one to which I was implying in my baseball analogy. It is the aiki that makes our stuff work, but the outside world wants to see the jujutsu through which we express aiki.
I think we need to clarify what we mean by "poorly attacking." Certainly it is extremely easy to deal with a typical beginner attack. It is much more difficult to deal with an attack from an experienced martial artist from another style. In fact, it might well be impossible to execute a specific version of a specific technique that the person has seen coming and can anticipate. (ie, to be successful in a typical class situation)

Which is exactly why those individuals represent a challenging teaching situation, see my post up above. Even if I'm comfortable with the idea that "I'm not that good," saying so doesn't exactly inspire confidence in a new student unless I can clearly articulate how basic technique and kata practice fit into the development of "real," effective aikido.


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