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Re: Introduction + The missing Atemi

Hugh, you said a mouthful. I had been tempted to weigh in on that comment but went the why bother route. I find it so hard to believe that beginners are not constantly reminded that uke trains nage and that being dick serves no one (and annoys the pig).

It spoke volumes to me the one time I have stepped on the mat at you dojo, with what seemed at the time 25 yudansha and 1 kyu, that nobody was dick. No one dived, several people, helpfully and courteously pointed out openings in technique that improved the situation, and everybody adjusted their ukemi to nage’s level of capability. That is how it should be done.

Senseis who don’t calibrate their students are shirking their responsibilities and reduce the effectiveness of everyone’s time on the mat. All of us walk in the door with ego, it is sensei’s job to redirect that ego in useful directions. You can’t get good without ego, but a determined sense of purpose is very different from “just see if you can move me…tee hee” (unless resistance is the specific exercise).
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