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Re: Introduction + The missing Atemi

1st, Rory Miller's book is a good read, and it is equally applicable to pretty much any martial arts program/school dojo. However, that level of "thought on violence" is not equally applicable across the population. Certain types of people want to train in a way that creates an ability to deal with that level of conflict, some just do not want to pay the training price for it, and that is their choice. Mine, too, as I get older, having been there and done that and now taking a more tactical thought approach - attempt to solve the problem by developing skills in advance to deal with it, rather than just training like a world-class MMA fighter all the time. Did that for a bit, and my bod was literally wearing out, felt like.

I am chuckling a bit at Krystal's comment.... not going to do it to herself again... Ha! Look at it this way. Arno is a novitiate, and if we've been there and done that and asked the same basic question ... perhaps expressed differently but basically the same "sort" of question back when we really didn't know what was up, we can save him some time and frustration by pointing out the "flaw" in his perception, which really isn't. It's more of a shift in perception that may be needed, or maybe a simpler shift in training location.

I'd imagine that if he (you, Arno) ais (are) wanting to get some striking (real striking) then go to a striking art/school for a bit and mess around with it for a couple months or a couple decades. If, however, that's not it, and you want to just get atemi (the aikido sort, which can be, but definitely does not Have to be a full-tilt boogie karate punch, shoto, etc.) then perhaps you need to shift aikido schools, or even styles. Perhaps see if you can find a Yoshinkan school near to where you are, as their "flavor" to me (outsider) seems more ... abrupt and sharp, than your typical aikikai school's approach.

Regardless, just keep looking for what you want, and don't feel bad about not finding it where you are. It happens. But... it's not the school's "fault" that they don't have what You want.

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