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Keith Larman
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Re: Throwing with shihonage

Adam Huss wrote: View Post
Training the technique a few thousand times poorly, with no concept of what's making it work, does nothing for you.
Gotta comment that there is a happy middle ground to this. I agree completely that just talking about it is a waste of time. But then again so is constant practice without guidance and purpose (the "figure out it as you go" model). Me, I'd like some guidance, a few questions answered, and lots of practice as I'm doing all those things.

Funny how in an on-line forum things tend to sound like each person ends up in one extreme or another when most probably realize quite well that there is a happy medium.

Not saying anyone is actually advocating any extreme. The reality is that practice is important and so is discussion. So with that said... Gonna go practice a few things before class tonight...

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