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Re: Introduction + The missing Atemi

was going to stay out of this conversation, since if you mention that aikido folks can't atemi out of a paper bag would cause them to go rabid, which they are.

the martial arts folks, some non-martial arts too, that i encountered look at atemi as some thing to do to the other buggers. however, the thought that if you are in range to atemi the other buggers, you are also in range of the other buggers to atemi you. often this came as a shock. i kinda like the systema folks approach. they just accept that you are going to get hit and hit alot, so learn to deal with it. so they tend to hit each other a lot, often out of the blue. i got hit by many arts before, but the lightest and the most painful came from systema folks. their atemi design to cause major discomfort and disrupt your structure at the same time. two for one approach which i find working well with aikido. then add some internal stuffs on top, whoo hoo you have a good time. but you can't hang around with those systema buggers too long; otherwise, you ended up wearing camo underwear and start to speak with a russian accent. you can't trust them russian other than their fermented potato.

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