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Re: Introduction + The missing Atemi

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The point that I would like to make is that whilst it's fair to say that atemi striking is effective with strong physical power, that is not true in all cases. Atemi points are the weakest points in the body and injuring them does not in all cases need a great deal of force. In Atemi Jujitsu we are trained to strike at the side of the kneecap with a Muay Thai styled kick which needs very little force to take someone's kneecap off. Ribs are often easily broken with the correct style of punch where the knuckles pass between the ribs and enter the rib cage. Throat striking is another effective use of Atemi.
Absolutely agree. IIRC, I was responding to the OP's observation that atemi from smaller people is likely to be ineffective due to lack of power, and therefore the solution is to become more powerful. My point being that there are physical limitations to the amount of power a smaller person can develop, so maybe focusing on power (rather than, for instance, precise targeting) is a red herring.

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