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Keith Larman
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Re: Throwing with shihonage

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
The other thing about skill vs. power: particularly when dealing with an untrained person, when (not if) that person does something completely unexpected, which will serve you better, power or skill? Never mind keeping them safe, just in terms of keeping you safe -- isn't "acquiring a higher skill level" going to serve you better?
Absolutely. Seriously power moves (at least in my experience) are rather difficult to abort or transition to other things mid stream if you feel things changing. I like the flexibility of being able to deal with changes (basically kaeshi waza).

On a related note, I truly dislike when I see people do things in the dojo way too damned fast. Many shihonage are done that way by way too many people. What I see is someone using speed and power to compensate for poor form. Yeah, it makes it harder to exploit the openings in a student's technique, but maybe that student should be focusing on not having the openings in the first place.

So when all that is there, in place, and good form rules the day, it is trivial to break the attacker. You can destroy them at any point if you wish. To me that's the difference between crude but what may be effective technique and a person who is truly good at martial arts.

Just an observation pointed at no one in particular.

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