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Re: Introduction + The missing Atemi

You only have a simplistic understanding of the utilization of kazushi. Kazushi in not just the precursor to throwing. Kazushi denies the attacker the structural base from which to mount/continue an attack or generate power, no matter how briefly. If you are unable to capitalize on that with a throw, lock, or atemi then that is a deficit in your abilities and training, not the principle. Kazushi really needs to occur off of strikes not just grabs, “Kazushi it’s not just for breakfast (wrist grabs) anymore”.

As a self-admitted 4th kyu I find it unlikely you have sufficient mastery of any technique to effectively utilize it against anyone with skillful intent. Most training occurs at slow to moderate speed with well-defined attacks because the throw/lock is what is trained, not the defense (those are separate drills and are highly instructor dependent). You need to effect a technique from any attack, any angle, at any speed, under imperfect conditions; that takes muscle memory and a familiarity born of 10,000 plus simple repetitions, before the movement occurs naturally, spontaneously, and under adverse conditions. That is when you get to speed up, noodle, and create, by then you will have hopefully developed the connected body skills to compliment your technique and make your aikido “effective”, not before. This is a long game.
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