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Re: online source for Iwama weapons?

Charles Bland wrote: View Post
I run an Iwama Aikdo school (CAA Div 1) in CO and am looking for a source for Iwama weapons. Specifically 1"x52" unfinished white oak jo. Myself and others have ordered hickory weapons from kingfisher, but I have been unable to find any other alternatives. Every place I find only has 50" jo and they are all covered in some sort of sticky finish (c'mon, who wants that? ).

There is a local store by the dojo in CA, and I will be making a trip there next time I'm out, but I was hoping to find something online I could direct students to for ordering their supplies.

I have an over size custom made in Japan Bokken from these guys. Excellent quality. Expensive yes, but you only get what you pay for.

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