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Re: ikyo - problems

Gerardo Torres wrote: View Post
Some visualizations work for some people and not others. That's why it's important to train with different teachers/coaches until you find one with a model that has a good success rate. At my level I tend to favor concrete simple visualizations that lead us to experience tangible physical changes in our bodies, rather than the more abstract stuff.

I also like the idea of unbalancing uke via application of two or more forces simultaneously. That said I would not use my own hip as a driver or for unbalancing effect as seen in most ikkyo omote, kokyunage, etc. Moving from the hips or swinging the hips in any particular direction causes a lateral loss of power in our structure (that's just the way we're made). I personally prefer to keep hips stable as you move like in kenjutsu.
Your remark is correct, but I don't believe it is helpful for beginner level. First they have to use hips in very exaggerated way simply to learn how to use it.Later on, move of the hips tends to be smaller and smaller while still preserving efficiency of the technique.
From my experience, keeping hips always stable right from the beginning very often leads to stiffness of whole body.


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