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Re: ikyo - problems

I like seeing comments about visualization tricks during practice, even if I don't agree with the specifics of the visualizations in question. I just like the fact that it's seen as having a functional effect on the body, by controlling the directions of applied forces (rather than being fluffy nonsense).

Anyway - Szczepan, I like your comment about the 2 forces that make ikkyo. I personally think of this in more general terms, rather than your description of these 2 specific things. But for the specific case of ikkyo, my idea fairly closely matches yours. I was excited to read that.
But I'm surprised-- do you think the videos you posted show these 2 forces? I'd say the omote video very strongly demonstrates them, especially in the 2nd example at 13 seconds in. But, the ura video shows the "hip" one fizzling away.

Of course, in omote this "hip" area force vector strongly drives forward, and can end up displacing uke's position in a visually obvious way; whereas in ura it more subtly presses in. But, press in it must, even if not visually obvious.

It just seems to me that it stops pressing in, during the ura video.
What do you think?
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