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Re: ikyo - problems

Cimerio Santana wrote: View Post
my teacher speak: repeat, repeat, until works (aikikai super traditional)

the failure does not necessarily occur with the strongest. The problem: not all resists the same way. some leave movement occurs without resistance.
when there is resistance, I can not keep the body of the uke in the same vein of the arm.
example: if I make ikyo in the the right arm of the uke -> my right hand low his fist, but my left hand can not low the rest of the arm.
if I put my left hand nearest the shoulder, the pressure on him will be stronger?
advised me to stay as close to the body of the uke?

correct mode e my wrong mode (final position):
Dear Cimerio,
If your illustration is correct , you have got some basics incorrect.In your example ukes elbow is higher than his right hand.The fact is that the elbow has to receive enough pressure applied by whatever arm is nearer to uke, in a downward motion,while your hand which is controlling the wrist of uke, must be at a higher first illustration shows this point clearly .Your own example is the reverse of the line drawing.
While timing is important , nothing wrong with an atemi to the dead side [the rib area/chin ] takes the intent away from uke thus giving you an opening to complete the waza. Some tough guys need a bit of gentle persuasion before they go down /bite the dust.cheers,, joe.
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