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Re: ikyo - problems

Well...I think it's still going to come down to basic principles, and not details of what hand is where (which are pretty futile to try and sort out via the internet). In ikkyo you have to control the elbow. For any attack (and any uke), there's a perfect moment to do this. If uke is slow or not strong or not resisting or not paying attention, you may still be able to take control of the elbow even if you miss that moment. If uke is strong and wants to resist, and you have missed the moment to control the elbow, you are going to have a hard time getting ikkyo. So, rather than figuring out new and different ways to force the technique on a non-compliant uke, I suggest looking at your timing. All aikido techniques depend on finding or creating or going to an opening -- if you try to force a technique without an opening, you're wrestling. "You can't make beef stew out of a chicken bone", as my sensei likes to say.
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