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Re: The History of Aikido in Australia?

Thank you so much for putting all that together John, it is very much appreciated!

As we stand here is what I have so far in terms of start dates for Aikido and different Aikido groups in Australia. Its totally open for revision as new data becomes available. I hope to put this into a thumbnail sketch, yet here is the proposed starting points.

1963 Arthur Moorshead, begins first Aikido Dojo in Melbourne, Victoria. His liniage is training under Kenshiro Abbe in the U.K.

1964/5? Sugano Shihan / Tony Smithbert Melbourne Victoria? Aiki Kai.

1969 Leoni Heap, Founds Tomiki Aikido in Melbourne Victoria.

1981 Michael Williams, Founds Ki Society, Griffith University Queensland.

Clearly I have a gap between 1969-1981, but am working on that at the current moment! All information welcomed!

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