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How many dojos have you trained at, Ron? How many shihans have you felt?
Believe me, I would LOVE to get thrown about by someone who is great at aikido. It would motivate me. Training the same way as a pensioner might train doesn't motivate me. I just don't often get the feeling I could be thrown in aikido unless I am put in some position I would not choose to assume myself. I'm a beginner in aikido but a 1st dan in judo, and I have tried other sports too. I just can't seem to get a feeling for aikido. All I know is that your average judo guy, any dojo, can give you a decent fight because the training and standards are all the same. You compete for the belt. I didn't realise aikido was so variable. I am moving to Luton (near London) soon and might try a different aikido dojo down there. Can you recommend any good ones.
The young man is from Edinburgh, there is at least one dojo that is as you describe. He only has to look.
Ok pretend I'm not here. Which place would you suggest. I can find Ki aikido, Aikikai (sp?)- very strict discipline, demands cash upfront, Iwama (sp?)-far from where I live, and a couple of others, unsure of affiliation but I think aikikai. Which sounds best to you? They all seem to hold the opinion that the techniques speak for themselves and don't like talking too much.
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