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Re: bokken strike style

I noticed the differences in cutting 'types/styles' in practicing and just observing various gendai arts that use swords. Each has their own reasons for them and I just accept those at face value as I have no basis for an educated judgement one way or the other.

I am interested in learning a lot more about sword work for actual combat for various applications and through that learning... come to understand the clear difference between 'systems for :stuff: other than actual sword word (using a bokken or iaito to develop body skills) and systems for combat. I really enjoyed Keith's detailed posts about the various reasons and would like to subscribe to his newsletter. Is there a newsletter? Well, I will go back to using the search button on this forum to see what I can find.

I am currently practicing the Iwama system for body skills along with its weapons. My teachers, every single one of them all the way up to our Shihan who studied with Saito Sensei, are all very clear on 'this is not an actual weapon system and we use it as a tool teach body skills, distance, timing, etc...' So no illusions there. This is especially clear with 'sword taking techniques'.. no one even jokes about 'you may get lucky and pull this off with a real sword wielding expert...', just no. Once again, only training how to move, judge distance and timing.

Just curious to see real sword work and have someone kind enough to break it down for me when some things are not so obvious.

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