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Re: Adapted Training

Pushing and pulling are not "wrong". they are actions that can be taken in an attempt to affect something.

Our established paradigms lie to us constantly and we tend to form opinions and value judgement from our experiences and paradigms. What we really need to do is simply "be" and observe first, what we are given and second what we have, and thrid, the choice we make that illicits an action or response.

When we abandon our established assumptions and paradigms we can look more objectively at what we have been presented. Being in the moment at that point allows us to learn in a much more authentic way.

I like Janet's post because it reminds us simply to explore our own potential and to master ourselves and our understanding of how we interact with others and our world.

I think this a big part of budo.

The angst, frustration, and craving that we experience is due to our being unbalanced with what we can do with what we "think" we ought to be able to do, or what we used to be able to do.

I can't do what I did 20 years ago. I can either dwell on that and grow old, bitter, and become more detached and isolated from both myself and those I train with, or I can accept the changes, embrace them and continue to enjoy the journey and establish new connections on the path.

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