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training method in Aikido may be slow, but it's probably because there's a little more finesse in the concepts being explored.

for one thing; No attack in Aikido in the sense that you describe it is just not true in all Aikido practices.

training methods - look up Shu Ha Ri , most training tends to follow that pattern , though it's not explicitly stated.

then, there's the other progression that's found in most places:

static - interactive - proactive.

You are working on sensitivity training, using stylized attacks to explore "angles of attack", balance, timing ,speed distance.

Most of the time no one will say anything about this to you, unless you have a talkative Sensei.

as you get comfortable with the basic moves you'll start understanding this better.

Why do it the other way? What is the stated purpose Aikido? To destroy efficiently?

Now, what's this "other efficient" arts vs aikido?

you're spending too much time on the web
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