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Re: YouTube: Kanaya Hirotaka Shihan

Ron Ragusa wrote: View Post
The ukes don't resist, they don't follow up their attacks, they over commit. It seems that you are equating martial integrity with the fact that Saito sensei is throwing his ukes with a lot of force.
Can the ukes really resist or follow up their attacks? I never trained with Saito Sensei, but from what I can tell, the ukes are getting launched despite requisite resistance and readiness to counter. I also don't get what you're saying about over-commitment in attacks. By the end of the clip, it is Saito who is initiating the technique, before they can even start an attack. At the beginning they are showing kotai-form with the morote-dori. At worst I'd say one uke accidentally leans forward a bit too much to make it harder for Saito (dangerous for the uke, since he's open to a strike). Later, they progress to ryutai-form. I know Saito did lots of training for proper attacks and not over-committing was included as part of the drill for kokyu (for example, if you miss, you should never be off-balance if you're using kokyu).

It looks to me like "proper" resistance would be futile at any stage here while what was shown in the Kanaya video would fall apart if he were grabbed the same way by either of Saito's uke.

The dance-like, cooperative practice in the Kanaya video would not cultivate the same martial principles that were shown in the Saito video.
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