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Re: YouTube: Kanaya Hirotaka Shihan

David Soroko wrote: View Post
Another demo, this is Saito Morihiro sensei doing a "lecture" style presentation the subject beeing Irimi. The ukes cooperate fully by taking morotedori, katatedori, ryotedori etc... to facilitate the demonstration. This doesn't take away from the sharpness, severity and martial integrity of the presentation.
Sharpness... yes, severity... yes. Martial integrity? By what criteria are you judging the martial integrity of what's being shown in that demo? The ukes don't resist, they don't follow up their attacks, they over commit. It seems that you are equating martial integrity with the fact that Saito sensei is throwing his ukes with a lot of force.

I understand that it's a demonstration but so is what's being shown in the OP's videos. It's too bad we can't hear what Kanaya Shihan is saying; context might make the images more meaningful. In any event, both the Kanaya and Saito videos have in common: they are demonstrations and the ukes are clearly cooperating with their teachers. I think it's equally obvious that both teachers are presenting different ideas and using Aikido as a vehicle to illustrate their thoughts.


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