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Re: Adapted Training

John Powell wrote: View Post
Then we've got a 30 y/o guy who was one of the best uike in the dojo until he got a spiral fracture of the R-side tibia/fibula IN class. Scary damn thing, dumb mistake on the part of the person he was training with and an instant's forgetfulness on his part. Now, he's god rods, pins and screws in his leg and is struggling to get back to forward rolls. So, he's placed himself in the position of being the demonstration uke (i.e. throwing dummy for easy knock-down backfalls) for the beginners. Adapted himself into the role.
Hello John,

I too had a bad spiral break of the fib/tib. My right foot was 90degrees turned from my leg. On crutches for nearly 2 years, I was not allowed to put any weight on the injury until told. I had the pins plates and screws removed. Forward rolling was hard for me too, but have adapted by lifting the leg completely off the ground when coming up out of the roll instead of having the front of sole of my foot planted on the ground. I also have to make sure this leg(right) is completely tucked up against my bottom so none of the leg touches the mat. This injury happened 2006. Pass on my best regards for a speedy recovery and my thoughts are with him. P.S. I am also being retrained after 30 plus years doing Karate. "Stop leaning backwards Sensei growls me" But I am ready for the kick Sensei and he knows this. Cheers Richard

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