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Re: It Had To Be Felt #50: Masatake Fujita: When is a Hombu Deshi Not a Deshi? When He's the Secreta

Dear All,
Like Alex Megann I met Fujita Senseei on a number of occasions bothi the UK and in Holland.
Fujita Sensei as Alex stated was not flashy.He was vey efficient and when he did irimi nage on you , you had to watch out,The irimi nage if you were not careful could give you a bit of a jolt.You went to earth fairly directly.He did not do a wide range of movements, sticking to basic kihon seemed to be his forte.Even years later when I met him again in Holland [along with the late Peter Bacas Sensei ]I saw little variation or change in his aproach to aikido.I have some footage of Fujita Sensei in Holland and he is doing much the same waza as he did years earlier.
I liked him as a person.He was/is a jovial sort of guy.He was very friendl;y with no airs or graces.
Sad to say he in bad health and no longer involved in aikido, I believe.
On a personal note while I was in Holland my Dutch friends [from Eindhoven ] presented me with a obi which was the same type as Fujita Senseis ie a wider than normal belt.This was the best belt I ever had.Lost the iem somewhere, so any kind person who knowws where I ca get a replacement , send me details.I just need this type of belt to hold in my ever expanding tanden.
Any body know how Fujita Sensei is keeping?
Cheers, Joe
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