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Re: Why bother keeping Aikido 'pure'?

Hilary Heinmets wrote: View Post
A couple of years ago someone ....

He further posited that is was up to the seekers within the wayward branches to rediscover the heart of the art. That real, effective aikido, was fated to be lost and rediscovered on generational basis. After years of lurking and observing the whirlwind of discussions around this issue, I believe his observations were spot on. .... Does this fit with your experience or observation?
I would say that this is spot on. I agree 100%. So, you have to search, think, search some more, and think a lot more. But you will not get far unless you find something useful. So, searching is key. But that doesn`t mean searching, finding Judo, and sticking Judo in your Aikido because you think Judo waza to be more efective.

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