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Re: Why bother keeping Aikido 'pure'?

A couple of years ago someone posted an interview with a known MMA guy (an online grappling e-magazine) who had formally cross trained in aikido and he had a very interesting perspective. He thought that effective aikido (which we believe to require IP/Aiki/special sauce) was something that had to be felt to be learned and that very few senseis really ever got it right. Once the chain of transmission was broken, whole branches of the art were being taught as technique only and none of the aiki/effective stuff remained.

He further posited that is was up to the seekers within the wayward branches to rediscover the heart of the art. That real, effective aikido, was fated to be lost and rediscovered on generational basis. After years of lurking and observing the whirlwind of discussions around this issue, I believe his observations were spot on. So IMHO true effective aikido is indeed a phoenix perpetually rising from the ashes, rediscovered, refreshed and re-contextualized by new innovators both inside and peripheral to the art. Thus it is not really an issue of purity as retention. Does this fit with your experience or observation?

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