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Re: Strengthening Neck after injury

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@ Mat - isometric exercises are a good idea! Thank you ! I forgot this stuff even exists and its really fitting for my needs.

@ David - I tried it with so weights and then with water bottles filled with sand and I gotta say my shoulders and arms feel awesome! This thing really gets both big and little muscles moving! Thanks!
You are welcome.

I made sevaral in different sizes and weights.
I bought some plastic toy baseball bats at a dollar store, cut a hole in the top and poured some sand into the bat. Then I sprayed some foam insulation on top of the sand to take up the extra space. Then I wrapped duct tape over the hole in the top and down the neck of the bat for a better grip. Works great, it is cheap and the bats are in a variety of sizes and colors.

Follow the instructions on the videos exactly. I did'nt one time and injured the rotator cuff in my right shoulder. Took a couple of months to heal.

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