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Re: Aikido Dojo Recruitment...????

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Yes, cookies, as in cookies. Haven't you ever taken a big fall late in the day on a seminar, hit the mat, sighed and wished somebody would bring you milk and cookies and let you take a nap like nursery school? :-) After weeks of threatening, last year I actually DID bring milk and cookies to my Low Impact class....
I used to bring cookies tothe dojo for everyone who atteded class on radom Thursday nights. It was popular with existing students but didn't get them to train more regularly or bring in any new ones. Of course that was't really the goAl ayway. We jsut had a lot of leftover cookies on Wednessdays, at my old job.

We have had a little sucess getting people to start by offering a 6 week "beginers course" at a discounted rate. We would have members hang flyers anyplace they thought they could to attract iterest. It seems to work well for the February/March sessio but ot so well for April/May. But we are a college town. Getting them to stay however is a whole other challange.
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