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Re: Aikido Dojo Recruitment...????

Hi Jim,

We've had a spate of new people lately. They cite three things:

1. Visibility -- literally. We've got a nice lot that happens to be visible from a busy intersection where traffic backs up, and we've done a lot to make the place look nice. We've had a number of people say, "I was passing or it caught my eye" or "I saw the garden and I wanted to find out more".

2. Web search. This is mostly for people who have trained before and are new to the area. They find our website and sometimes find us on Youtube.

3. Word of mouth (another kind of visibility, I guess). Students wearing dojo t-shirts get asked about the dojo, it comes up in conversation ("What are you doing tonight?" "I'm going to the dojo." "Really? What's that?"), kids come to the kids' program because their parents have friends with kids in the program, etc. Having cards we can hand out helps too.
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