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Re: Why bother keeping Aikido 'pure'?

Katherine posted a good example of Aikido being like a big tent that accommodates all sort of practices. Kinda hurts me people inside the tent saying things like " why bother keeping Aikido pure?". Keeping Aikido pure is the same as keeping Aikido!

The state of Pure, is something almost impossible to reach! Like perfection!! Everything has a natural level of impureness!! let's call it individuality!! So there's no need for more impurity!! If we hardly can understand all aikido curriculum in a lifetime, why bother bring more new things? For me thats an excuse of someone who from some reason stopped is learning process and now is trying to substitute something he cannot learn, with modern things!

An example: A japanese Sword! The process of making it by tradition looks like something religious!!
Today we have science? Why bother keeping japanese swordmaking pure? Because nobody yet found a way of doing it better!
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