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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Agree John, you do not need to master BJJ in order to develop skills to use on the ground. It is just like anything dealing with fighting, you do not need to master any martial art, you need a basic strategy for managing the different elements and dynamics of fighting. The problem is that most people do not adequately develop an understanding or framework of how to do this.
I agree, but i think that strategy in martial arts comes during training, in the moment of taking action start thinking is the worst strategy!!
I remember a story from Hiroshi Isoyama, something like a big american soldier doubting about Aikido and asking what would sensei do if he were grabbed from behind by a much more strong man. Sensei agreed to be grabbed and them just hit the big guy with the back of the head.
People say usually " - thats not Aikido!". Fighting is always fighting, theres no referee counting points or stop people from doing nasty things like fingers in the eyes!!

I train Aikido since 2006 and also BJJ since 2011. I love Bjj just because its extremely fun and really makes you realise that fighting in the ground is a completely different world, but its a sport with competition, when training Bjj you learn how to win a battle with rules!! when someone makes me tap with a arm lock, i always think if my life was on the line , i will just start eating is legs in front of my face.

Please don't look at BJJ fighter like they are just too strong and take you to the ground and put you to sleep!! they do that against people that agree to play with them in their rules!! This don't mean they are weak fighters in "street conditions", Here in Portugal everybody knows that guys like constrution workers are the guys to avoid in fighting, they have hands reinforced with many nano layers of rocks and concrete, armed with glass beer bottles and dont use their brains if not necessary!!
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