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Re: YouTube: Christian Tissier at 2013 World Combat Games

I have great respect for Tissier Sensei. Having had the honor of spending time with him during the IAF congress in Tokyo, I found him to be a very friendly person, treating all around him with courtesy and respect - a true gentleman. I enjoy watching his aikido very much. He moves with power and grace.
As others have pointed out - performing at demos is a special situation. I think each performer makes a choice as to what it is that one wants to show to the audience. When Tissier Sensei performs at this event shown on the video, to me he is doing a kind of instructional demonstration, stopping sometimes along the way to show control, and performing the techniques at a speed where one can, as onlooker, enjoy the beauty of the movements. If you are doing the techniques to show their martial effectiveness there are certain aspects that come into play. One is, that when done at realistic speed, there is no time to really ensure uke's safety. Another is that it is very difficult to see the beauty of the technique. So in my opinion, Tissier Sensei has chosen to demonstrate his aikido in a way that allows the audience to enjoy the movements and structure of the techniques. I am sure that he is quite capable of demonstrating his aikido in a much more martial form, but has chosen not to.

One question for those out there who know more about Tissier Sensei than I: could you please explain about the special form of bow that he does? I am not familiar with this form.

In Aiki,
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