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Re: YouTube: Christian Tissier at 2013 World Combat Games

Ed Shockley wrote: View Post
My own sicknesses (stroke/aphasic/cubital tunnel) was before Sensei Tissier. Sensei Henry Smith (6th dan) showed me many things that I could do so that I could get better. I couldn't talk at all...see the right side of me...walk...write...but he told me about seven or eight of the great Senseis who all somehow got better.. Many of my friends, from Aikido of Philadelphia, learned that I could not read letters. ("a", "b"...) It was not from Aikido. (My father died when he was only forty-four) A very good Sensei (and friends) Asim Nichols 4th Dan saw me for the first time. I really did aikido again for the first time. (Sensei Nizan 6th dan, Sensei Johnson 3th dan and Sensei Holt saw me as well). It still is far from over but I know that aikido is why I get better.
Dear Mr Shockley,
Dear Ed, may I say that I would probably get something from your aikido that I would value more than from many others should I ever see your work?To battle against ill health and still forge ahead in aikido in my mind shows true valour, courage and dedication.I do hope you regain you health.You are indeed also fortunate to have instructors who seem to support you in your efforts.I thank them for doing so.Please take care of yourself, enjoy your aikido journey.Very best regards, let the forum know how you get on with your training. Warmest regards, yours sincerely, Joe.
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