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Susan Dalton
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Re: Effective Technique

The way I've understood "aikibunny" is to describe those who fall down before you even touch them and want no force used at all. (Yes, I have been guilty as charged.) Often, these folks are so fearful about falling, getting hurt, or hurting others that they barely hold on and fall before being thrown so that they are totally in charge of where, when, and how they fall. I looked behind me before every back fall to be sure I wasn't falling on anything until I was a brown belt, which unfortunately often caused my neck to hurt. Probably more of these type students are female just because they may not have had experiences falling, but I have had plenty of male students I would describe this way too, just as I have had both male and female students who were more comfortable in the masher role.

I had hoped to start a productive and civil discussion, and I wasn't trying to offend when I used language shortcuts. But perhaps I have.
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