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Re: Effective Technique

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I think "aikibunny" has gotten to be like "blonde". It's a code word for "female". The presence of exceptions does not change this, only provides a weasling excuse for those who don't want to own their words. Perhaps the word should be retired from the discussion and another term found -- if, that is, a productive and civil discussion is what is wanted.
I'm a bit confused: on the one hand, you mention some kind of aim toward productive and civil discussion, while on the other, you present, without clear justification, an incontrovertible claim that one word means another word.

Here is another thread, gleaned from the top of the google search for "aikibunny." There you had this to say:
Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
"Aikibunny" is obviously a stereotype. Like all stereotypes, it has its origin in truth, or at least partial truths, and like all stereotypes, it eventually outlives its usefulness. When we're trying to understand something complex (in this case, other people's approach to aikido), we generalize and simplify so we can start to wrap our minds around it. There's nothing wrong with these as initial steps towards understanding...but we have to be willing to take it beyond that, to fill in the details that are omitted or overlooked in our first simple picture. If we fail to do so, our generalization becomes a stereotype, with as much falsehood as truth in it, and our simple understanding becomes instead simplistic, omitting the inconvenient facts that don't fit our nice neat picture.
Now, if I may, it seems as though you may be using an overly simplistic generalization for the various usages people have meant for the term "aikibunny" -- a term which usually seems to refer to a style of practice at one extreme on the spectrum of gentle to harsh ("masher" being the other extreme), and which has no particular gender bias.

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