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Re: Effective Technique

Thanks for a great article.

It does prod at my pet peeves!

I hate the phrase "effective aikido", effective at what I often ask? what do you want aikido for? Most people tend to use this phrase to mean harder aikido, because they perceive that since it looks harder it must better in real life (tm), which I'm not sure is true.

I've never met an uke I didn't like, sure I've found some frustrating because they make me look bad I love that, it shows me what I need to work on and learn. Actually my favorite uke is that goon beginner who's all too strong, not moving or reacting "how they are supposed to", use them while you can they get a clue too quick and you loose that resource. We all love tossing about a good uke, but I learn more from ones that take more work. No such thing as deadwood in my opinion, everyone has something to offer and their own reasons to be there.
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