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Re: Effective Technique

Bruce Wells wrote: View Post
Susan, great article. I like the accurate aikido comment. I'm a 250lb ex power lifter with about 22 years of aikido and several years of xing yi. I can do effective aikido but it may be because I'm big and strong and training with friends. At 65 I know that I will not always be strong so my imagined "effectiveness" may go away, but accurate aikido, that I should be able to continue to work on. I've trained with folks like Dennis Hooker and i would aikido his aikido as accurate aikido. I can only hope to be "accurate" like he is.

Again great article. Plus you gave me new words to use when I teach
Bruce, you are pretty darn accurate too
Susan, thank you for this. And, yes, the "accurate/effective" is a wonderful way of defining practice.

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