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Fred Little
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Re: Aikido spear- Aikiso

Owari Kan Ryu is a very formidable -- and distinctive -- system of sojutsu, not least because of its use of (among a number of types of spear) a kuda-yari, or a spear with a sleeve on the shaft, typically held with the distal hand, and allowing the trained exponent to repeatedly thrust (while maintaining control of the spear) at a much higher rate than is possible with a standard spear. So much faster, in fact, that it compares to a standard spear in much the same way that a semi-automatic rifle compares with a bolt action rifle. That speed is what is visible in the clip cited above.

These features (along with a number I'm won't belabor her) limit the utility of generalizations made -- to all systems of spear -- from observation of a few minutes of a public presentation of Owari Kan Ryu basic randori training. Nonetheless,while I'm not sure I would relish even a friendly engagement with a trained exponent of Owari Kan Ryu, I am sure that if it came to that, I might well try one or more things intended to direct the tip somewhere far, far away from my own torso -- but even then, I wouldn't dare presume that my opponent hasn't also received adequate training how to use the ishizuki should the need present itself.


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