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Re: Aikido spear- Aikiso

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
... member of Hozoin ryű maybe ...
Seems to be the same in Araki ryű.

But seriously: Do these kata contradict your original comment or do I misunderstand you, are you talking about something different?
Yeah, I'm talking about something different.
Thanks for the links, the iaido vid is beside the point,
the other one (Kendo world video?) is decent kata, with that one butt-strike in for interest, but they both (in my own mind) reinforce my original point.
Now please dig out some videos of the guys in white sparring with identical dummy spears (yes those LONG ones they were using for the kata demo) and see if a butt-strike is ever used. not kata, actual competitive sparring.
I had a go but couldn't find Aikiso in a Kendo stylee.
(Found some Naginata, but oh my god what is the ruleset for that awfulness?)
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