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Re: What is an "advanced technique?"

I almost totally agree with the original blog's premise and conclusion, nothing magical, i.e. "advanced" is going on, it's just the basic simple thing done at such a high level that it seems like magic -- and thus, as magic, either unattainable or something "special" that must be taught "special."

My only caveat, or difference of opinion, is that I would say that there is a difference between simple and complex techniques, just like there are simple and complex machines. A complex machine can be viewed as a series, or probably more appropriately a 3-dimensional pattern of simple machines, if you follow me.

The same can be said for techniques used in martial arts (our own aikido by brand, or judo, jujitsu, whatever), there are very straightforward techniques, which may be simple, but not easy. And there are complex ones.

But... advanced? Well, in the sense that it might take a long time to learn how do do them "right," so because of that long time, the person has advanced through the ranks (thus, advanced rank people - just nomenclature), then, in that light, maybe their techniques are "advanced."

I'm sure folks are more confused now than when I started, so I'll stop.

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