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Mario Tobias
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Re: What is an "advanced technique?"

Advanced techniques, simply put, are techniques where you have mastered and understood the basics and principles, regardless of technique.

You understand the difference between basic ikkyo and advanced ikkyo. Even with a single sword cut, the master knows this is broken down into its basic, elementary steps for it to become effective and efficient. Being immovable in suwariwaza kokyu-ho as I experienced first hand with Masuda sensei (8th dan a short but solid man and in his ninieties) is an advanced technique.

imho. There is no such thing as advanced tecniques but only advanced understanding.

advanced level of techniques have complexity in them but how you make the complex simple based on your understanding, interpretation and proof through experimentation is what is important I think rather than categorize techniques as basic or advanced.

I think it's summed up nicely in one of O'sensei's quotes:

"I move and techniques are born". Sometimes you surprise yourself doing techniques that came out of nowhere. Probably hinting that you are in the beginning of that advanced phase.

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