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Re: What is an "advanced technique?"

IMHO there are some advanced techniques. You will learn them as you progress MUCH higher in rank. But before you ever get there . . .look at almost any other sport! Baseball players whether in little league or the majors line up and play catch! They practice batting! They practice running the bases! They practice THE BASICS!

As for Aikido advanced techniques, I have see a few. There is a hold or a lock that involves the mouth! I would not want to try or teach until I knew the student was advanced enough not to get his finger bit off! There are techniques that use the neck to subdue, but again, I would not want to practice or teach until I knew the student would not injure his partner by being to rough or by missing the spot and causing serious damage to his partner! These are for very advanced training and although they are Aikido, they may never be needed.

After all, back to the Baseball comparison, You catch the ball you throw the ball and you hit the ball . . . it's not that hard! Same is with Aikido. The advanced techniques may give you something else you can do, but for the most part, move, take their balance and throw or pin, is all it ever seems to take!

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