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Keith Larman
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Re: Aikido spear- Aikiso

Fred Little wrote: View Post
Mr. Douglas, ...

...please give a moment's thought to the possibility that ill-considered statements such as yours might not only be merely wrong, but may themselves cause difficulties to other aikido practitioners with rather less unwarranted certainty about the scope of their own knowledge and rather more curiosity about approaches to budo and bujutsu that predate the development of aikido as a gendai budo.

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This is something I've run in to first hand. I was at a private training session a while back by the invite of the head guy. One fella on the mat with me who didn't know me asked where I was from and what I studied. I said Aikido. He looked at me funny and another nearby student on the floor said "Don't worry, Keith's okay, he's not like most Aikido guys..." It is a sad commentary on how Aikido is viewed outside the Aikido community that I realized that was a compliment.

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