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Re: What is an "advanced technique?"

* At first we learn the gross body movements required to do the technique.
* Then we refine location, distance, and attitude (positional)
* Relax - Then we refine attitude (point of view)
* Then we refine small motor details
* Relax - Then we refine attitude (point of view)
* Then we compact technique by merging discrete steps in the technique (shift foot, then shift weight, turn etc.)
* Then we learn/acquire/refine connected body and how it connects to uke
* Relax - Then we refine attitude (point of view)
* Relearn technique from slightly different point of view with a different emphasis.
* Relax - Then we refine attitude (point of view)
Iterate process from step one 10,000 times ‘til yah barf. (Italics must be said in a heavy Boston accent or it has no meaning).

Let’s not get too hung up on the exact order of the list above.

Cycle through this enough times and you build sufficient confidence in your ability so that you don’t worry about doing the technique, you don’t panic if it goes south, you see and instinctively transition to a correct next move by feel. Advanced Aikido is not so much advanced techniques as advanced application, unhurried, flowing, calm, connected body, kazushi on contact, seeing the negative spaces, seeing the whole board, and moving instinctively.

Yes there are drills that people who have not assimilated the basic techniques should not do in order not to confuse them. For example drilling all your throws without using any palm contact can overwhelm someone who is not comfortable with the basic throw. Obviously if one’s ukemi is not well developed that are things they should wait to work on.
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